Ron Howard Snub

John I don’t know how Ron and his daughter missed your panorama. It was far superior than any of the finalist and I found it odd that what was chosen was all HDR pushed to the max which I tend to do occasionally. I’ve been snubbed all my life but that is not what my image making has ever been about and also why I don’t plaster my name on my work. The Howards are good people and I’m sure their project will excel but I bet if they had read the story behind your image they would be interested.




3 Responses to “Ron Howard Snub”

  1. 1 O3
    June 22, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    Well I just looked at the website more closely and what a wonderful concept!


    Since you do shoot with a Canon, this is the best way for me to share my vote for your superior photograph. I don’t really think Ron Howard snubbed you, just trying to get you the attention you deserve. Lets see what happens?

    • 3 Boatdog
      June 22, 2011 at 7:18 pm

      I thought I had a shot at it, but, oh well, no problem. I thought my choice of the “obstacle” as my category was a stretch. The photo would’ve maybe fared better under “setting,” but I missed the first submission deadline, so the option was unavailable. I submitted another photo that they never actually accepted to the site, which I think was some kind of website glitch.

      I noticed that a lot of the finalist photos were high dynamic range images. Mine was also, but just not pushed to the extreme.

      Thanks for the post.

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