S.F. Night Club Scene

Got a letter from Pete Cornell today with info on bands he’s been playing with. I know of three and this forth is on the bill with India who I love almost as much as Lila Downs (different latin music anyway). Man I wish I could see this! Pete writes : “The music is going real well : I’m playing Charlie Parker again. see you, P.C.”

I just talked to Pete tonight and to my dissapointment he is no longer with this band but is in band poster with India. He will be playing with Mazacote this evening. So much for an autographed picture of India that I was going to try to get him to get me.


India at Club NV in SF
International Recording artist, Billboard and Grammy award nominee India “La Princesa de La Salsa”, will be performing live at Club NV in San Francisco, on Saturday, March 12th, 2011. Club NV, 525 Howard St., San Francisco, CA..
Her voice has found a place in the hearts of music lovers everywhere. It has conquered diverse musical markets, from salsa to Latin pop, in both English and Spanish. That voice is unique, that voice belongs to India. This singer has become through time, one of salsa music’s most imposing names. She has sung with musical giants like Marc Anthony, Oscar de Leon, and Tito Nieves.
After more than eight years since she last performed in San Francisco, the Bay Area is eager and ready to welcome back INDIA for what’s sure to be a memorable concert at CLUB NV.
Also featured, Bay Area’s own Orquesta La Fuerza Gigante, led by José Guamán. And in the DJ booth, DJ Carlitos Way, “Pa’ Bailar y Gozar.”

2 Responses to “S.F. Night Club Scene”

  1. March 18, 2011 at 4:32 am

    That’s me in SF,last June,2010………….I’m playing the big bari sax.Fun…

    This gig was remarkable in that we were opening for”EL Grand Combo”,often referred

    to as “The Latin Rolling Stones”………many years of major sounds,around the world….

    The band I was in,Bakan,did just fine;folks were very happy!

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