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This is my little tribute to HOHNER, for always being the proud owner of a couple of Blues Harp’s most of my life. I thought it would be fitting to combine a picture of Barry Bless our local patriarch and promoter of the accordion with his HOHNER. I had only been to HOHNER once before when Rick Epping graciously share his knowledge about a vintage squeeze box I had found in the mountains.  I’m looking forward to seeing their guitars today, they really look like they have really started to make some beautiful acoustics. The Parlor model looks really cool and they are affordable!

Some info of history from the web :

Here’s an incomplete chronology of the M. Hohner, Inc. headquarters offices in the USA. It’s incomplete, because reference materials are limited, and sometimes contradictory and confusing.

The Richmond, VA location has been the headquarters of Hohner USA, and it’s publications and correspondence offices at different times.

The information listed here has not been confirmed or denied by M. Hohner, Inc., USA. Accept it as an educated guess, using publications only. No other data is available without further research.

This may be used to reference production dates of Hohner harmonicas unique to the USA market only.

M. Hohner, Inc. of Trosssingen, Germany has used other production dates for it’s popular models used world-wide, and for models unique to other other countries.


1901- Hans Hohner, son of M. Hohner, Inc. founder Matthias Hohner, established an M. Hohner, Inc. USA office at 356 Broadway St. New York City (the address of C. Bruno & Son, music instrument distributors). It was the first of many headquarters locations for Hohner USA. SOURCE: 1902 Hohner USA catalog.

1950s (a guess)- The Hohner USA headquarters was moved to 351- 4th Ave., New York City. SOURCE: Booklet-“Story of Hohner Harmonicas,”copyrighted 1955, Hohner USA.

1959 or earlier- Hohner USA headquarters moved to Andrews Road, Hicksville, Long Island, New York. SOURCE: Booklet: “How to Play the Hohner Harmonica,” copyright 1959 M. Hohner, Inc. USA. The Hicksville location served until sometime after 1971. SOURCE: 1971 Hohner, USA catalog.

1985 or earlier-Hohner, USA moved to Richmond, VA. SOURCE: Booklet:”Everything About Hohner Harmonicas,” copyright 1985, M. Hohner, Inc. Trossingen, Germany. The booklet was written in German and English. Richmond, VA was still the source of Hohner USA publications and correspondence until at least 1996. SOURCE: Booklet: “How to Play the Hohner Marine Band Type Harmonica,(100th Anniversary Marine Band 1896-1996).”

Somewhere in the mid-90s, the story gets confusing. It’s a guess that the Richmond address continued only as a publishing-correspondence center.

1997-Hohner USA headquarters moved to 10223 Sycamore Dr., Ashland, VA. SOURCE: 1997 Hohner USA tri-fold catalog.

2002 or earlier- Hohner USA headquarters moved to 1000 Technology Park Dr., Glen Allen, VA, where it is presently located. SOURCE: 2002 Hohner USA tri-fold catalog.

John Broecker


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