The Panoramist

This wasn’t to my liking because of light, I guess we may have been there at the wrong time judging by other pictures taken there today by luck. This is the old pump house on the Kanawha Canal that the clean water use to come from for city.

The biggest beaverdam I’ve seen for while, looking up canal from pumphouse.

Arthur found some writing on this area beside lock that mention a house and reminded me of this old picture that is a true gem in canal history that can be found on page 171 of the book “RICHMOND a pictorial history from the Valentine Museum and Dementi Collections” circa 1974.

“Peachy Griffin and his wife stand by their home next to one of the Richmond locks on the James River and Kanawha Canal. As the vegetation on the wall of the locks indicates, it was not in use. At one time the canal was a vital transportation link for the city, but the development of the railroad brought an end to the canal era. In 1880 the canal was purchased by the Richmond & Alleghany Railroad Company and track was laid along the towpath.”

It’s hard to say if the Griffin house was here or not. This sign was behind where I shot this.

This is the end of the path up canal and you can see new house’s on bluff. I knew a jazz pianist that lived in one of the old house’s up there back in the late seventies. It looks all high dollar now. I do like the Italian Cypress that have been planted.


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