The P3 gets its name from the eyewear manufacturers, and it refers to a classic style that falls between oval and round. The top of the frame is round, and the bottom of the frame is round too but slightly pointed. The P3 is currently standard issue for submariners in the U.S. Navy and feature: Retro style Comfort cable temples Lifetime solder joint warranty Made in the USA Available eyesize: 47mm Available finish: 23K gold plate Available lenses: grey (glass), grey polycarbonate available temples: comfort cable. 

This New year I’m thankful for a pair of my first bifocals. I just found out more about the style of glasses I chose. There is a down side to wearing glasses that I’m learning after the fact.

“In order to grind a progressive increase in power as you move downward in the lens (hence the name “progressive addition lenses”) the process creates distortion in the peripheral areas of the lens. All things in life (that includes progressive lenses) have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of progressive lenses is that they allow you to see clearly at all distances — distance, near, and intermediate — without the having lines in you glasses. The disadvantages? Well you’re experiencing those now.

Peripheral vision is important without glasses, should it not be just as important with glasses?
I was taught to move my eyes back and forth when I read and not my head.”



A photo of dad (O2) in Europe in the 40’s with his P3 Rx sunglasses. 



Bois de Vincennes Zoo   7-9-45

I thought I had a pair of Dads P3 frames, in the search I found alot of interesting photos he took during war while in Paris.


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