Tributes in Light

“The Icelandic Postal Company has released a new series of stamps in October 2008 depicting the Imagine Peace Tower, which is dedicated to the memory of Beatle John Lennon. The stamp is printed in a traditional offset format and then overprinted with phosphorus in silk screen which causes the picture to accumulate light and then glow in the dark. When exposed to ultraviolet light, a picture of John Lennon appears on the stamp.”

“On October 9, 2007 legendary artist, musician and peace advocate Ms. Yoko Ono, unveiled an artwork in Iceland to remind us all of the importance of world peace. The Imagine Peace Tower, as the monument is called, will consist of a simple column of light that will be located on the island of Videy, where it will be visible from the capital, Reykjavik.
This project is based on a piece of conceptual art that Ms. Ono conceived in the 1960s entitled “Light House”. Her late husband, John Lennon, had expressed interest in the “Light House” and the two intended to bring the concept into reality. It was Ms. Ono’s wish that this beacon of light be sited in Reykjavik because Iceland has never maintained an army and is a world-leader on environmental issues.”

photo : Barry Yanowitz


The “Tribute in Light”, a tribute to all those who were lost on September 11th as well as those who worked hard to get New York City through its darkest hour, will be on for one night on September 11, beginning at sunset and fading away at dawn on September 12th.

The lights are best seen when it is completely dark. Sunset is expected to occur at 7.11 p.m. local time that night and sunrise is expected to occur at 6.34 a.m. the next morning.



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