Gideon Percy Chalkley


1951 Letter (with photo enclosed) of O3’s great  grandfather :
My parents valued this picture, of Mr.”Gid. Chalkley”, they were fond of him, and I’ve heard them speak of his very fine character. I think I must have known of him, because I know he was lame, and I was told he was wounded in the famous battle of Gettysburg.
I don’t know in what year he died, but since I passed my 71st. birthday last week, I feel sure I knew him.
Would love to know you and your wife better, and do go and see Robert the next time you go to Chesterfield.
Very Sincerely,
Lilian Ivey Moore

14th Virginia Infantry
CHALKLEY, GIDEON P.: 2nd Lt. Co. D. Enl. Chesterfield CH 4/24/61 as Cpt. Merchant. Pres. 7-8/61. Elected Sgt. 9/12/61. Pres. 11-12/61 through 5-6/63. Promoted 2nd Lt. 7-8/62. WIA (right leg amputated) and captured Gettysburg 7/3/63. At Gettysburg hosp. 7/63. Trans. Ft. McHenry 3/2/64. Trans. Ft. Deleware 6/16/64. One of the “Immortal 600” sent to Hilton Head, S.C. 8/20/64. At Beaaufort, S.C. hosp. 12/64. Paroled and exchanged Charlestown, S.C. 12/13/64. Retired 3/30/65.



2 Responses to “Gideon Percy Chalkley”

  1. 1 boatdog
    October 3, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    He looks like he just got home from Freckles.

  2. 2 O3
    October 3, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    The second picture of Gideon P. the folks sort of laughed at too. This is probably during the time he was Mayor of Lexington Va. Where he died along with his General Lee. My grandfather sister’s family have the Huge famliy bible that has a personal photo of Robert E. Lee in the photo section. There is no record of how well they knew each other since most of the papers went who knows where?(should I send this to the HISTORY DETECTIVES). In next post you can see my grandfather was orphaned at age 10 along with a sister Aunt Lena. This is all I have except a violin and his sword which my first cousin has.
    I’ve been reading and am looking for more information on the “Immortal 600”. This may account for his road worn look, along with missing leg.

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